My review of Rihanna’s Loud Tour performance at AA Center, July 8 2011

Last Night: Rihanna, J.Cole, a Fire at American Airlines Center – Dallas Music – DC9 At Night.


Rihanna’s performance is the largest show and Ri the most popular artist I have reviewed to date. Despite an abrupt end and the missed oppertunity to interview Rihanna, I enjoyed the night. The bright visuals, innovative displays and Rihanna’s razor-girl machismo confirmed my idea that she represents the influence of the cyberpunk movement on contemporary life. It’s one of the reasons I like the artist.

I was well served by staff at the AA center and the people at Nivea, for whom Rihanna is a spokesperson. I had a nice and comfortable view through the set.

With large productions like these, a lot can go wrong. For instance, I also witnessed power outages during the Flaming Lips’ set at the NX35 conferette in 2010. I still feel priviledged to have witnessed and reported this news-making story.

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