I caught the Twitter bug.

Yesterday, I opened a Twitter account after years of thinking it unnecessary at best, detrimental to my writing at worst. I expect this new format may keep me writing in a compressed, laconic style that my colleagues and teachers expect of me. It's a shame too, because my current assignments involve a long form narrative style and comprehensive essays. 

I feel I might be out of my element among all the teenagers and twentysomethings posting about their lunches. Twitter may also budge into all my other activities and assignments.

Also, on Twitter, It may be easier for someone to say things that person may come to regret. Take for example Octavia Nasr's firing after she tweeted a statement on the passing of a Lebanese Shia cleric. The 140 character limit may also hinder any deep, nuanced argument unless a longer supporting document is linked.

Nevertheless, because Twitter is an important element in social media strategies for companies I may work for in the future, contributing to twitter may diversify my skillset and online profile.

I look forward to this adventure.


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