The Problem With… Katy Perry’s “Firework” – Dallas Music – DC9 At Night

The Problem With… Katy Perry's "Firework" – Dallas Music – DC9 At Night.

I wanted to add more about plastic bags, but it would have thrown the review off. Those tricky bastards loiter around beaches saying "Hey, seagull! I'm a jellyfish! Eat me!". As soon as it goes in the animal's gullet, they declare "Psyche! I'm a plastic bag, you dumb animal! Ahahaha!"

Same thing with trees, when they block a tree's leaves from the sun, they don't care. "Screw you tree, I'm a plastic bag! I'm gonna outlive you by centuries!"

One other thing. When I was a kid, I saw an X-Files episode about spontaneous combustion and was scared of the concept ever since. Every time I ran a fever, I was afraid that the heat would cause me to combust.

Seeing all those people combust in the video for this track brought that fear back.

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