The Problem With… Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” – Dallas Music – DC9 At Night

The Problem With… Lady Gaga's "Telephone" – Dallas Music – DC9 At Night.

This piece was a long time coming. I have a love/hate thing about Lady GaGa. I like the electroclash sound and visual aesthetic enough that I want it to have an audience as big as GaGa gave it. But I don't see her owning up to these influences although the references are obvious to anyone paying attention, like me.

And her songwriting plain sucks for someone who is supposed to be this talented. "Oh oh oh" and "eh eh eh" are interjections, not lyrics

So. Lady GaGa. Great marketer, bad writer. Also, Telephone is almost annoying as the banana phone song. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw the connection.

I wonder if Beyonce will write a song about e-readers in the next album. Her latest album suggests she is a big gadget fiend.

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